Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Or Blogger Nazis?

Well, to their credit, MySpace actually replied promptly to my e-mail complaint about the link to this Blogger page being blocked. And, unlike the last time it happened, the response actually addressed the problem specifically. So I applaud MySpace for such improvements. Maybe they aren't the problem after all.

The MySpace explanation for the blocked link is:

We've recently discovered that BlogSpot pages are being used by spammers to send spam, so all links to that site have been disabled. Although you or your blog may not be associated with or linked to spam or spammers, to protect all MySpace Profiles from spam, phishing, and online scams, all links to Blogspot are blocked.

Which now begs the question: If BlogSpot pages are being used by spammers to send spam, what (if anything) are the Blogger folks doing to fix the problem? And, if they're not doing anything about it, why shouldn't I take my millions of readers and move to a different blog site

[Addendum: Since this was originally posted, I've received two "comments" that were spam links to Asian porn sites. So, apparently, the spam problem is a real concern. What losers. I hope Blogger gets a handle on the problem soon. DEATH TO SPAMMERS!!!]


Anonymous said...
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Ricky H said...

Gee, 天氣晴朗, you're comment might actually mean something to me if it was in English, and if it didn't contain a link to an Asian porn site.

In the immortal words of Monty Python's Flying Circus: I DON'T LIKE SPAM!!! So stick it where the rising sun don't shine, sweetie.


Ricky H