Friday, October 24, 2008

Castrati Chic

There's disturbing - and then there's....


That's right, mantyhose - panty hose for... uh.... men (I can barely utter the words).

Apparently, fanny-packs weren't enough of a cultural castration. So leave it to the French to come up with the latest in eunuch wear. (I wonder if we could get Germany to invade them again?)

This makes the whole 'metro-sexual' thing look downright macho. And that's NOT an easy (or desirable) thing to do. (I don't think even Ryan Seacrest would wear these.)

I've never been a fan of the many ridiculous, broadbrush stereotypes that are often passed off as manliness - but good grief! This kind of thing makes me want to buy a DVD set of The Man Show, and emulate that in hopes of inoculating my psyche against whatever cooties I've been exposed to via the mantyhose website.

What's next? Powdered wigs?? Ruffled shirts???

Mark my words: It's an ill wind that blows no good.


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