Monday, October 13, 2008

As For Me...

I am ancient and ageless. I'm not nearly as good at anything as I'd like to be (as this blog will quickly attest). And I'm far worse at some things than I ever feared I'd be (as this blog will, I'm afraid, also attest).

I am loath to talk about myself, since anything I say about me is bound to be less than objective. So any biographical info found lying around here will likely be sparse, often changing (as I try to keep it as accurate as possible), and painfully dull.

I am living proof of the reality of Original Sin and Amazing Grace (I just wish I was more Amazing than Original). I am a cripple, of the muscular dystrophy variety. I am a Christian, of the I-Started-Reading-The-Bible-To-Prove-It-Wrong-And-Oops! variety. I am blessed beyond measure to be married to the lovely and talented Patty Sue.

I'm doing this just to see what it's like - not because I expect to be any good at it, but to silence the myriad know-it-alls who keep insisting that I can write. The only thing I'm remotely good at is writing lyrics - which I've been doing for about thirty years. Unfortunately, people think that writing is writing, and so keep insisting that I could write in another literary style if
I'd just try. This blog should dispel those notions in short fashion.

Typing anything even remotely coherent takes me just a little less than forever. So, I have no idea how often I'll post.

I called this little misadventure "Knot On A Blog" A) in a lame attempt at punnery, B) because it's bound to be about as interesting as a knot on a log, and C) because I probably should [k]not have a blog of my own. (See how punny?... No?... hmm... Well,...don't say you weren't warned.)

Comments are welcome (encouraged, even) - but if you post something just to try to be obnoxious or shocking, I'll delete it. Go be silly and unimaginative somewhere else (I've got those qualities covered here).

So,... Welcome to my blog. This won't be pretty.


Eric Ashley said...

But you are good at it, and you amaze me.

I've thought of you and your brother for years, wondered about you, hoped the best for you. I am glad to see you are doing well.

When you commented at my place I didn't know who Ricky H was. I didn't even bother to check your profile till sometime this afternoon. And boy was I surprised.

I am duly and rightfully chastened by you. I have allowed this current election season and the thought of an Obama presidency to distract me from what is most important, and that is serving God.

I must thank you for something you gave me some 28 years ago. Well, "loaned" me. I was admiring your record collection and one album caught my eye. I remember you said you bought all the strange stuff so no one would ask to borrow any. I still laugh at that. But I asked about this one record and you loaned it to me anyway.

Can you guess? Klaatu's Hope. I must thank you for being so personally instrumental in adding to the soundtrack of my life... Hope is in my top ten.

I too spend a lot of time writing. Poetry as well. If you're interested... The Muslin Opaque. I write music, not lyrics... well, that's not exactly true. I write lyrics too, but I've never been able to get my music to match any of my lyrics... so.

It's hard staying focused on what is most important in this life. I do long for the next, but that doesn't help me deal with the one I'm in now. For myself, I feel compelled to speak out against all those folk at my place who are able to find a place for homosexual marriage in the many lines of Bible scripture. And I sometimes get carried away.

I thank you for stopping by, and posting what you did. I hope you will visit again.

And again, you're good at this-- Stick to it, you have a voice, and something to say. There are many many others who don't even have that much.

Ricky said...


A thousand pardons for a tardy response.

I truly appreciate the words of encouragement. Self-confidence is not something I possess, so I'm always amazed when anything I'm involved with doesn't implode.

I kind of jumped into the conversation at your blog with both feet, and failed to identify myself. That was just bad manners on my part.

When Robby told me he'd been in contact with you (and sent me your URL), I had to chuckle, because we had just recently been talking about you and wondering what you're up to, and if you still made music.

The Klaatu story cracks me up. You're probably the only person ever to even ask to borrow Hope (or any Klaatu album, for that matter). But I'm glad to hear it's still a fave, after all these years. I love their first three albums, but Hope definitely has something special about it - I think it's the mixture of Beatle-esque power pop and proressive rock that makes it so unique. Definitely a classic (and a criminally under-appreciated one, at that).

I'd forgotten about saying I "bought all the strange stuff so no one would ask to borrow any." It's hilarious that you remember that. I got so tired of people's bewildered reactions to some of the music I liked, that I started giving tongue-in-cheek reasons for why I bought it. The truth is, I never realized any of the stuff I listened to was considered "weird", until I'd play it for someone (or they'd walk in while I was listening to it) and they'd make a face and ask, "Uh, what are you listening to?" And the funny (or sad) thing is, that still happens.

I'm glad you're still exercising your creativity. I've been enjoying your poems at The Muslin Opaque. I'm going to link to it (as I've done to Pearls & Lodestones), if that's okay. I'm glad to hear your still doing music, as well.

I think the conversations you start (at P&L) are definitely a good thing. So keep up the good work. It is important to speak out about the wrongs we see around us. And all the more so in a place where vigorous but civil discussions of those issues are encouraged and can take place. I'll definitely be reading regularly - but my comments may be more sporadic.

Thank you, again, for the encouraging words.