Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Will wonders never cease?

By beating the Bengals (24-14), the Jets survive to lose another day.

Jets rookie QB Mark Sanchez seems to be a pretty nice guy. And one has to appreciate the gee whiz quality of the following quote (from a post play-off game interview, after beating the Bengals):

Amazingly, Sanchez admitted during timeouts that he actually managed to step back and soak in the atmosphere at various points, realizing the grandiose nature of the NFL’s postseason.

“You just take a look at the stadium and you hear the Bengal thing roaring,” Sanchez said. “You can hear the fans screaming at you. You can see the guys on the sideline getting animated. You think, ‘Wow, the entire country is watching this. And I get to say go? I get to say ‘hut’? They don’t do anything until I say ‘hut’?’ That’s crazy. It blows your mind. It’s unbelievable.”

Considering the awe most rookies go through in their first playoff game, it was a statement that reflected a remarkable grasp and appreciation. Maybe even poise.

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