Wednesday, December 10, 2008

From the Things-That-Seem-Too-Good-To-Be-True-But-Are-True-Anyway Dept.

Who doesn't love a good 20 minute prog rock epic, with great Hammond organ, fat guitar tones, and cool vocals and harmonies? (The correct answer, of course, is: "no one".)

Who cares if the band is Norwegian, and their English is good-but-not-perfect? (Once again, the correct answer is: "no one".)

Who wouldn't find their life greatly improved (dare I say, blessed, even?) for having such a wonderful piece of musical magicality in their possession ‒ especially if it's FREE??? (Yet again, the correct answer is: "no one".)

So go to the following link, and partake of this bounty of prognificent profundity. (The song is called "Change".) Trust me. It is good ‒ it is very good.

Oh, and while you're there, you might as well grab the song "Pointless Masquerade", too. It's from their second album and is also offered as a FREE download (I know, I did that same high-pitched girlie squeal, too!). It only clocks in at 8:59, but don't let it's relative brevity dissuade you.

Go to

So go get them. Both of them. NOW!!! And PLAY THEM LOUD!!!! And if they don't make you smile, and want to jump and dance around the room, then you're probably going to hell or something (hey, I don't make the rules).

Did I mention that the band is called Magic Pie? This is good pie.
Bon appétit!


Eric said...

Reminiscent of classic Yes, with a little Steely Dan thrown in at 11:27

Awesome! Thanks for the link.

Ricky said...

Hey Eric,

I'm glad you're diggin' it. I knew I couldn't be alone in my appreciation!

I agree with you about the influences you hear. I also hear some Captain Beyond, and some Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. I hear so many musical tips-of-the-hat that I finally just let it go and enjoy the ride. I think, for all the obvious '70s Prog influences, they sound incredibly fresh, vibrant, and fun.

I like me some good Prog. But so many Prog bands seem to leave me feeling less than satisfied. But these guys are a very pleasant surprise. (I think part of the appeal is that they sound like they're having a ball.)

They have a MySpace page (, with some other songs featured.

Ratman said...

Hey Jaaaaay! I be listening to the songs and they be purty groovy indeed. I hear alot of influences in the songs including Uriah Heep (as you mentioned), Frank Zappa, Klaatu (Barada Nikto to you too), Vincent Furnier, Badfinger and some 'Funeral for a friend/Love lies bleeding' in there as well.

Keep it greasy!

Ricky said...

Hey Alford,

Glad you're enjoyin' the Pie. There are indeed a lot of tasty ingredients to be savoured. They definitely wear their collective heart on their sleeve (or, pie on their tie), but I still think it's very fresh,...tasting.

If you or anyone else is interested, there's a 28 minute epic by Neal Morse, called "So Many Roads", that can be listened to (though not downloaded) at

There's a lot of old classic prog-rock tips-of-the-hat in this one, too. Some Uriah Heep, Supertramp, Kansas, Styx, et al. Very cool stuff.


Love eggs.